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Gifting Bigfoot a Sweet Morsel

Bigfoot Night Investigation Omaha Reservation, Macy Nebraska                                                                                                         Video by Thomas Halek

On Wednesday, July 8 to July 12, 2015, on the Omaha Reservation in Nebraska, a 5-day and night Bigfoot investigation took place. Barry Webster, an Omaha Native American Bigfoot researcher, and three members of his team led the investigation. His team members include his brother Derek Webster, his nephew Elvis Freemont, and niece Jane Parker. Webster is the founder and leader of Rez Squatching Tours, located on the Omaha Reservation in Macy, Nebraska.

1 IMG_5322 Final– Left to right: Derek Webster, Elvis Freemont, Jane Parker, and Barry Webster                                                                                Photo by Thomas Halek

The Omaha tribe originated as a larger woodland tribe made up of the Omaha and Quapaw. They settled in an area by the Ohio and Wabash rivers near where Cincinnati, Ohio is today. While the tribe migrated west, it split into two tribes, Omaha and Quapaw. The Omaha tribe settled near the Missouri river, but conflict with the Sioux forced them to relocate in an area around Bow Creek, Nebraska. In 1780, the Omaha tribe had about 3,000 members, however by 1802, scourged by sickness and welfare were down to about 300. In 1830 and 1836, the Omaha tribe joined other tribes in treaties with the U.S. Government. In a treaty on March 16, 1854, they ceded all their lands west of the Missouri River, south of a line bearing due west from where the Iowa River leaves the bluffs. The lands north of this area were turned into the Omaha Reservation. The tribe today has approximately 5,000 members with about 3,000 living on the Omaha Reservation at Macy, Nebraska.

Webster and his team have been actively researching Bigfoot encounters on the Omaha Reservation for several years. Native American Folklore regarding Bigfoot goes back to the beginning of time. Native Americans have been taught to respect Bigfoot and not do them any harm. In the video, you can hear Webster and his team call out to Bigfoot in English and their Native American dialect with respect and compassion.

The video takes place around midnight, the first night, July 8, 2015. At the edge of an alfalfa field Webster and his team slowly walk into the woods and advance about 80 yards past an abandoned old house, stop by a tree structure and Webster and his team member talk to Bigfoot. At 1:56 till 2:06 into the video you can see eye glow flashes moving from left to right across the screen. At various points in the video, you can hear wood knocks and more wood knocks with possible movement in the dark. A candy bar was left as a gift and while leaving the forest the distinct noise of the candy bar wrapper being handled could be heard. Unfortunately, the camera had been turned off at that point, and it did not record the sound. The next morning the site was photographed and also the candy bar that had been sampled and set back down on the log in the opposite direction it had originally been placed. Two distinct Bigfoot prints were seen next to the log, one juvenile print, and one adult print.

Photos that were taken the next day after the night investigation:

2 IMG_4915 FinalAlfalfa field leading to the woods                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Thomas Halek

3 IMG_4922 Final









Entrance into the woods                                                              Photo by Thomas Halek

4 IMG_4866 Final








Barry Webster approaching abandoned house                          Photo by Thomas Halek

5 IMG_4942 Final








Abandoned House                                                                      Photo by Thomas Halek

6 IMG_4969 Final









Surrounding Woods                                                                   Photo by Thomas Halek

7 IMG_4887 Final









Barry Webster studying tree structure                                       Photo by Thomas Halek

8 IMG_Screen Shot Final









Tree Structure                                                                           Photo by Thomas Halek

9 IMG_4904 Final











Candy bar next morning after night investigation                       Photo by Thomas Halek

10 IMG_4878 Final









Juvenile Bigfoot print next to log by candy bar                         Photo by Thomas Halek

11 IMG_4872 Final









Adult Bigfoot print close to log where the candy bar sat           Photo by Thomas Halek