Thomas Halek – Photographer

I took to photography as soon as I was able to hold the camera. Throughout my childhood, I loved to take pictures of anything and everything. As an experiment when I was eight-years-old I made a pinhole camera out of a shoebox. I developed my photography skills with a keen eye for the unusual and the unexpected. In High School, I was rarely without my camera taking photos at athletic events and on Band trips. While attending Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, I was in the Army Reserves and served as the Battalion Photographer. I graduated from Brooks Institute in June of 1972 with a major in Illustrative Photography and a minor in Portrait Photography. After graduation, I moved back to Minnesota and went to work for Watkins Products in Winona as their illustrative Photographer and Graphic Design Artist. During the five years that I was in Winona I photographed many weddings. In addition, I developed a side business in Equine Photography, taking pictures at countless horse shows and did a lot of portraits of horses by themselves and with their owners. I also worked with an Appaloosa Breeder and photographed about a hundred different horses for their annual sale brochure each year. Years of artistic expression made it clear that my life would be devoted to photography, writing and design.