Thomas Halek – Journalist

Back in the 1950’s, before TV, I was passionate about listening to news broadcasts, always wanting to hear more about what was going on in the world. When my parents purchased our first TV, I was glued to it watching local, national and world news being broadcast. We lived in the country and as a kid I had a 10-mile paper route that I delivered the Brainerd Daily Dispatch on my bicycle during the summer months. Whenever something locally happened I would pretend I was a reporter and write down what was happening.

In August of this year, 2014, I thought about those times and decided that I needed to add one more tool to my arsenal, journalism. I enrolled in Full Sail University in their New Media Journalism Master Degree Program.

My aspirations are simple. Over the next year, with my vast knowledge of photography, graphic design and creative writing, I hope to learn and acquire the tools necessary to take my journalism and my career one-step further, to the Internet.