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Hi everyone,

My name is Thomas Halek. I am a journalist that reports stories on the bizarre and unexplained. I love the outdoors and the beauty of Mother Nature. I love animals, and there is nothing more soothing than the love and devotion of a loyal pet when you are at your wits end. It is for this reason that I have devoted my website to the bizarre and unexplained such as the mystique around Bigfoot and the mysterious misgivings of spirits.

In 1972, I graduated from Brooks Institute with a BPA in Professional Photography. In 2014, I graduated from Full Sail University with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing, and now I will soon be graduating from Full Sail University with a Masters Degree in New Media Journalism.

As you can see, I am cunning, tenacious, love to live life, and not afraid to do what it takes to succeed. My dedication to truth, getting to the heart of a story, and my passion for life drives me on. Whatever scientific truth is out there dealing with the existence of spirits and hominids such as Bigfoot, I will find it and report it.

My website is a portal to my journalism. With my blog on the Bizarre and Unexplained, and my conviction to credibility, I will provide information and report news stories that will capture your attention. My research has taken me on Bigfoot expeditions in 2015 to Northeastern Iowa and the Omaha Reservation in Eastern Nebraska. In the future, there will be many more expeditions and publications on the bizarre and unexplained.

Please come back often, see what I am working on, and leave me comments. You can contact me through my email: thomashalek@gmail.com. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr by clicking on the links below.

Thank you, have a wonderful day and a spectacular life.

Thomas Halek

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